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CNC Laser Cutting is the process by which a computercontrolled system produces a clean, precise, repeated system of cutting into a variety of materials based on a preprogrammed design. Suitable for both large and small batch work, this costeffective manufacturing process lends itself to fast work piece movement and repeatability.

The CNC laser cutting machine is used to cut metals such as Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass & Copper with high precision and speed. Laser provides excellent cut quality and productivity on material less than 6 mm. Laser technology has high capital equipment, running and maintenance costs, therefore a high level of business volume is required to pay back the cost of the equipment.

We are providing laser cutting services for cutting the parts as per the customer’s need and drawing system. We are manufacturer and exporter of all type of laser cutting parts from SS and MS Sheet, as per the client’s drawings. We make various laser cutting components as per industries requirements.

Laser Cutting Machine Capacity:-

Table / Sheet Size:- 3100 x 1550 mm

Thickness for various material:-

Mild Steel (Oxygen Cutting) :- Upto 12 mm
S.S (Nitrogen Cutting) :- Upto 05 mm
S.S (Oxygen Cutting) :- Upto 06 mm
Aluminium :- Upto 04 mm
Galvanized Iron :- Upto 04 mm
Copper & Brass :- Upto 04 mm

Benefits To Our Customers:-

  • Provides unparalleled levels of precision.
  • Faster production times.
  • Better material optimisation, driving savings for our customers.
  • Quicker and smarter release to production for new and existing models.
  • Consistency, traceability and repeatability.
  • Fast Prototyping.
  • It is best suitable for regular and repetitive job work.
  • Innovate