We undertake all types of sheet metal work from small bracketry to large enclosures, from prototypes and one offs to small and medium batch work. Whatever the job, however small or large, we are committed to quality and precision.

We have State of the Art Infrastructure, having Area of land 10750 Sq. Ft. with Unit Power of 75 HP power supply from GEB, includes Machinery, High capacity material handling cranes, Latest software tools and Skilled work force to produce best results in each of these there areas. With these facilities we can manufacture Sheet steel fabricated assemblies from few Kgs. to few Tens of Tons. Following are the steps taken in Sheet Metal Fabrication

1. Design & Development:- We uses Advance software tools are to create 3D model of product as required by the customer & then unfolded with software to get developed drawings of flat product. These drawings are then processing through programs of CNC Laser Machines and CNC Bending Machines.

2. Fabrication Production Line-Up:- We have state of the art CNC Laser Cutting machines which can cuts the parts with extremely low tolerance levels. These parts are passed then through the process of shaping i.e. they are then bend using CNC Press Brakes.

After Cutting/Bending processes various parts of assembly are sent for fabrication where they are joined by riveting, welding or screwing. This is another critical area for Sheet steel fabricators, as smallest deviation from tolerance limit can cause wastage of entire assembly.

The fabricated assemblies are sent for surface preparation and coating. the assemblies are coated by powder coating, Epoxy Painting or Zinc Plating, as per requirement.